White Pelican Canoe & Kayak Rental - Oregon, IL
About Us
Each summer, flocks of white pelicans (pelecanus erythrorhynchos) alight on the Rock River in Oregon, IL.  With a wingspan of up to 12 feet, these majestic, prehistoric-looking birds float high above the city on thermals or cluster together on the river. 
The white pelican -- along with the bald eagle, cave swallow, kingfisher, and great blue heron -- helps make the Oregon corridor of the Rock River a top spot for bird lovers, nature enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a relaxing getaway.  It is also part of the 320-mile Rock River Trail, nationally designated for hiking, biking, and paddling.
White Pelican is a family owned and operated business dedicated to connecting people with all ranges of river experience -- the beginner to the veteran -- with our community along the water. 
Give us a call and let us know what you'd like to do on your trip!